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Your shortest distance to cash.

Simplifying how your business controls cash.

At ICL, we were first to market using smart safe technology and proprietary software to transform how businesses manage cash, buying it from you instantly and removing the complexity. Today, we’re continuing to innovate how you control your cash.
Cash Management Software Technology

It’s the software and technology
that makes ICL unique.

At ICL, we don’t own trucks. Instead, we own the software and technology that is simplifying how our customers handle cash in their businesses. Then, with software as our foundation, we partner with armored car companies to handle moving the cash – AFTER we’ve already purchased it from our clients.
The result? We’re bringing leading-edge technology to the cash management arena, letting armored car companies do what they’re good at, and helping our customers refocus on what matters most… running their businesses efficiently.


At ICL, everything we do is done with simplicity in mind. From our cash capture technology to how easy it is for store teams to use, “simple-done-well” is part of our DNA.



Right now. That’s how fast we buy your cash when it enters your ICL safe. There’s no better, or faster, solution in our industry – we are your shortest distance to cash.



At ICL, our technology insulates customers from all these cash-related issues, bringing confidence to store managers, owners, and franchisers across the country.

“The simplicity of the ICL solution has made them a significantly easier partner to work with. As we’ve navigated outside challenges throughout our agreement, they are a trusted partner who will take swift action to keep everything working.”

– Colley Organizations, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

Proudly Serving

Customer: Taco Bell
Customer: Panera Bread
Customer: Goodwill
Customer: Domino's
Customer: Burger King
Customer: Wendy's
Customer: Pizza Hut
Customer: White Castle
Integrated Cash Logistics

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