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An Outsourced Cash Management Solution for Banks

A true partner for banks, CashSimple™ provides a turn-key solution for retaining retail customer deposits and growing alongside them.

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CashSimple™ allows banks to:

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Expand your regional footprint.

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Eliminate the expense of a virtual vault.

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Remove cash in transit vendor issues.

Explore what makes CashSimple™ an innovative solution for banks.

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CashSimple™ allows banks to grow with customers, expanding their regional footprint.

Often, if a customer adds new locations outside their footprint, a bank is left without a way to serve them. Similarly, if a new customer wants to discuss their business needs with a bank but has locations outside that service area, it can create a barrier. CashSimple™ allows banks to serve valued, long-term customers and new ones alike. Grow with your customers and provide a national solution with CashSimple™.

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CashSimple™ eliminates the cost associated with setting up virtual vaults.

Setting up virtual vaults is expensive, complex, and just the beginning. Maintaining them, processing cash, and hiring staff all cost more money.

CashSimple™ by Integrated Cash Logistics cuts out these costs. Banks can serve customers better while reducing operational expenses.

Partner with Integrated Cash Logistics so your bank can manage cash flow better, reduce delays, and improve cash handling.

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CashSimple™ removes the challenges that come with armored car management.

Using CashSimple™, customers sign contracts directly with ICL, eliminating third-party risk to the bank. At the same time, once a customer’s cash enters our smart safe, we buy it from them and handle all of the logistics, removing any need for banks to manage armored car contracts and service issues.

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CashSimple™ keeps deposits flowing.

Best of all, and most importantly, we allow banks to keep their retailers’ deposits flowing with little to no effort on their part.

With the CashSimple™ solution, cash handling is safer and more streamlined. Strengthen your overall banking relationships with retail clients through reliable and consistent service.

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As a bank partnering with CashSimple™, we support you in:

  • Maintaining strong retailer relationships
  • Serving customers wherever they exist
  • Growing with customers as they grow
  • Eliminating armored car issues
  • Providing a national solution without investing in your own cash value

CashSimple™ by Integrated Cash Logistics is more than a cash handling service. It’s a strategic software solution that streamlines your banking operations, enhances your competitive edge, and focuses on growth.

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