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CashSimple™ Cash Management Services and Solutions

At ICL, our CashSimple™ cash management services provide faster access to cash, complete banking flexibility, zero cash liability, and dramatically easier reconciliation for your entire business. In addition, we bring a single point of contact to your cash processing.

How ICL’s CashSimple™ Cash Management System Works

Our business cash management services remove the complexity and risk associated with cash. Because we buy your cash the moment it enters our safe and then provide the cash pickup service and change orders for you, we simplify commercial cash management at every stage.

Diagram of How Cash Management with ICL Works
Diagram of How Cash Management with ICL Works

Explore What Makes ICL an Innovative Solution for Retail and Restaurants

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Innovative Cash Management Services

At ICL, we provide an industry-leading cash management service. We can say that because we’ve been providing automated cash management systems nationwide for decades, changing the way businesses control cash. When corporate cash management services were first launched, we led the way in innovation and haven’t stopped since.

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Streamlined Cash Collection Services

Moving cash always creates challenges. We remove this by managing cash collection services as part of our CashSimple™ solution. Once we buy your cash, it’s our responsibility – including partnering with armored car companies to move it so you don’t have to.

Taking money out of the cash drawer
Remote cash capture

Efficient Remote Cash Capture

ICL’s CashSimple™ cash management system and cash management tools use our own proprietary software, technology, and industry-leading safes to drive the remote cash capture process. Focusing on simplicity and efficiency, we’re bringing best-in-class cash management services to our customers.


  • Accelerated access to cash receipts

  • Automated cash handling systems
  • Protection from cash handling risks

Simplified Cash and Coin Delivery

Change orders can come with many challenges, from ordering and delivery to reconciling orders on the back end. As a true cash management services company, our CashSimple™ services bring a process-driven, proprietary solution to managing change orders.


  • Simplified change ordering

  • Change arrives when you need it

  • Removing reconciliation challenges

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Next-Level Cash Management Tools

Providing next-level cash management solutions for businesses of all sizes, ICL’s configurable CashSimple™ portal allows you to access your cash deposit data in real-time with flexible reporting designed to meet your unique goals and needs.

Removing Provisional Credit Risks

Within a typical provisional credit relationship, your bank gives you access to funds before they are physically deposited. If those funds are lost, stolen, or don’t make it to the bank for any reason, it’s still your responsibility. At ICL, once your cash is deposited in our smart safe, it’s our responsibility. Our CashSimple™ cash handling services remove the risks associated with provisional credit completely.


  • No risk

  • No worry

  • No need for credit
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Automated Cash Management Software

More than just a safe, CashSimple™ leverages automated cash management and cash capture technology that is driven by ICL’s proprietary software. You feed your cash into the safe, and we immediately buy it from you. Behind the scenes, we use complex technology to manage the entire process, simplifying your relationship with cash at every stage.


  • Eliminate deposit discrepancies
  • Consolidate reporting, billing, payments
  • Streamline cash management

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Software-First CashSimple™ Cash Management Solutions

At ICL, everything we do is done with simplicity in mind. From our cash capture technology to how easy it is for store teams to use, “simple-done-well” is part of our DNA. Our CashSimple™ solution insulates customers from all their cash-related issues, bringing confidence to store managers, owners, and franchisors nationwide.

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Cash Management Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

ICL’s CashSimple™ cash management platform is helping businesses transform their interactions with cash. Bringing our customers a premiere cash management system removes risk and liability while speeding up businesses’ access to their funds. In addition, our cash management software is allowing store managers to get back to leading their teams and creating great customer experiences – not running to the back and dealing with cash challenges.


  • One vendor
  • One number to call with questions
  • One contract and bill
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Restaurant Cash Management Systems

For restaurants, the volume of cash that flows through their business is significant, and controlling that flow is essential. With challenges like labor shortages and internal theft, this is even more challenging.

As a restaurant cash management system, ICL’s software and technology streamline how restaurants handle this, allowing restaurants and their managers to focus on creating great guest experiences – not juggling the intricacies of managing cash and change orders.

Retail Cash Management Systems

For retail customers, ICL’s CashSimple™ solutions eliminate some of the challenges of managing cash across multiple storefronts. By leveraging software and technology, one safe can be used between retail stores, all while managing each store’s cash flow and needs.

At the same time, our cash management solutions allow managers and leaders to refocus their energy away from cash and back on ensuring their retail storefront experiences are customer-friendly.

Cash Management For Treasury Teams

Our treasury and cash management services help businesses accelerate access to their cash receipts, optimize their liquidity, and remove risk throughout their organizations. Focused on cash management for treasury, we’ve transformed cash flow for our customers, making treasury services for small businesses a reality.


  • Efficiencies in cash management
  • Simplified cash flow tracking

  • Decreased liability and cash shrinkage
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Corporate Services

ICL’s cash vault services and remote cash capture change the game for corporate customers. Using a cash management safe at each location and then coordinating data between locations, we provide high-level, accurate snapshots and data to our customers regarding their cash. As a result, reconciliation is simplified, discrepancies are eliminated, and reporting is streamlined.

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Cash Management Solutions Case Study:
Quick-Serve Restaurant Franchise Group

A large quick-serve franchise in the US was growing fast but had become frustrated with cash management solutions like smart safes, costly recyclers, and inconsistent armored pickups, which meant delayed access to its cash. By implementing Integrated Cash Logistics’ CashSimple™ solution across more than 1000 locations, the restaurant consolidated its banking relationships, reduced cash-related labor costs, and streamlined its cash pickups and change orders.

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Integrated Cash Logistics Diagram of How Cash Management with ICL Works

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