Deep roots in cash logistics.

Leading the industry with decades of experience

First to market, Integrated Cash Logistics has its roots in the cash logistics business through Bill Brooks, the President of ICL, and through Richard Irvin, longtime investor. Bill and Richard successfully created and managed a nationwide cash logistics company, and their experience now leads Integrated Cash Logistics.

Since we created and manage a nationwide cash logistics company, we know:

… what is important to our business partners.
… how to structure our service levels to take advantage of strengths and avoid weaknesses.
… how to design processes that are performed in your store and in their cash vaults that maximize accuracy and minimize errors.

At ICL, innovation begins with leadership.

Bill Brooks

Bill Brooks was President of Brooks Armored Car Service, which was the largest outsourced provider of cash processing to the banking industry in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Bill also created the cash vault software, for use at Brooks Armored Car, known as “Money Manager” and subsequently licensed this software to Bank of America, Nations Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank One and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York among others. Bill also designed and implemented the first “Smart Safes” in 1992 in conjunction with his customer “Wawa” food stores.

Richard Irvin

Richard Irvin, the third generation to run his family’s West Coast based armored car operations, grew the company from a $45MM company to a $500MM national corporation through strategic acquisitions as well as start up operations over the course of 20 years thus creating what was known as AT Systems.

Integrated Cash Logistics Diagram of How Cash Management with ICL Works

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