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Discover how CashSimple™ makes managing cash easier and enhances your financial operations.

Integrated Cash Logistics provides transformative cash management service with our CashSimple™ solution. This solution streamlines transactions, reduces complexities, and boosts efficiency.

With ICL, retail, restaurants, and convenience stores can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about cash management. At the same time, CashSimple™ provides a turn-key solution for banks to retain retail customer deposits and grow alongside them.

A retail employee taking cash out of a register


Integrated Cash Logistics streamlines cash management for retailers, making daily operations smoother and more secure from the moment cash enters our smart safe. Our CashSimple™ solution takes the stress out of handling cash so you can concentrate on serving customers and growing sales. Here’s how we enhance retail operations:

  • Reducing Liability: Once deposited into our smart safe, cash is securely managed by ICL, and we eliminate the risks of holding cash in-store.
  • Accelerating Financial Operations: We automate cash receipts, bank deposits, and more in real-time. This means less time spent on reconciliation and trips to the bank, and more time focusing on customers.
  • Decreasing Cash Shrink and Theft: With our cutting-edge safes, you can feel confident that your earnings are protected and accurately accounted for, reducing potential losses and discrepancies.
A retail employee taking cash out of a register
Paying with cash at a restaurant


Integrated Cash Logistics creates cash management solutions tailored for restaurants. Whether you’re running one restaurant or dozens, we help you manage cash better to focus on customer service and growth. Our CashSimple™ service makes your operations smoother and more secure. Here’s how we help:

  • Handling Busy Times: We reduce the time spent on cash tasks so you can get back to where you’re needed most with customers and staff.
  • Consolidating Reporting: Service billing and reporting is managed through a single point of contact so you don’t have to spend time tracking down countless reports from numerous locations.
  • Eliminating Cash Reconciliation: Integrated Cash Logistics purchases the cash as soon as it enters our safe making cash reconciliation, deposit discrepancies, and the need for provisional credit unnecessary.


Integrated Cash Logistics boosts your bank’s operations with CashSimple™. Our software simplifies cash management and gives your bank a competitive edge. With our service, you can prioritize customer relationships, and keep operations running smoothly. Grow along with your customers as CashSimple™ helps your business expand and run more efficiently.

  • Expanding Reach: CashSimple™ helps your bank serve customers outside your current areas. Grow your regional presence in new landscapes.
  • Cutting Costs: Remove the need for costly virtual vaults and make cash vault maintenance cheaper.
  • Simplifying Operations: We handle vendors like armored car services so you don’t have to.
Integrated Cash Logistics Diagram of How Cash Management with ICL Works

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