Smart safes have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They offer many benefits that regular safes simply can’t, such as added security, efficiency, and accountability. Smart safes for businesses can also take the stress out of money management. 

Managing cash flow, and ensuring safe money storage, probably takes more time out of your day-to-day operations than you realize. Smart safes like Integrated Cash Logistics (ICL) cash capture technology can streamline your business and allow for fewer credit and liability concerns. They can also keep you in the loop about how much money you have available at any given moment. This way, you can better focus on your business and customers. Let’s explore how smart safes for cash can benefit you and your business.   

Discover how ICL’s proprietary software simplifies how your business controls cash.

What Are Smart Safes and How Do They Work?

A smart safe, for a business, helps secure cash and monitor money during all steps of the cash-handling process. A typical lock box cash-counting safe validates and records your money while also connecting to your point of sale (POS) system, online bank accounts, or other systems your business has in place.

But more advanced smart safes can also effectively streamline your money handling. Innovations in smart safe solutions can reduce unplanned or frequent trips to the bank, enable scheduling for deposit pick-ups or consistent coin deliveries through armored vehicles all while helping you keep track of money available, and mitigating potential theft risk.

smart cash management safe can also:

  • Eliminate traditional credit concerns
  • Provide an online portal to manage money
  • Offer software to detect counterfeit bills
  • Give smart safe security to any audits or transactions

Regular Safes vs. Smart Safes

Regular safes only have one function: to keep cash protected. They allow business owners to lock up money at the end of the day to protect them from theft or fire. Otherwise, these types of safes for business don’t offer any added perks or safety mechanisms.

A smart safe for cash incorporates technology to increase productivity and safety. These safes let business owners count, track, monitor, and manage their money right from the device itself. Once money is deposited, the smart safe will be able to count how much total cash is in the safe, how much should be deposited, and the amount of change available. Smart safes also keep track of when the safe is being accessed, by whom, and for what purpose.

Why Smart Safes Might Not Be Enough

If you manage a business such as a restaurant or retail store, smart safes can be integral in helping keep track of your money and add extra protection. However, not all smart safes provide the same level of security. Services like ICL’s cash capture technology recognize that keeping cash safe for business operations is only the first step.

ICL’s smart safe features an elevated cash management system that:

  • Keeps cash protected and eliminates liabilities
  • Enables real-time money tracking and reporting
  • Helps avoid unexpected coin shortages and trips to the bank
  • Eliminates risks of provisional credit
  • Provides consistent cash management anytime, anywhere

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Keep Cash Protected and Eliminate Liabilities

Smart safes like ICL’s cash capture technology means cash is immediately purchased from you once fed into the safe. Cash is protected from internal and external theft while eliminating most liabilities that come with holding any amount of money. 

Keeping those cash deposits safe also ensures that businesses get paid right away. There’s no lag between recorded deposits in the safe and what’s in the bank account, so cash receipt access is faster.  

Real-Time Money Tracking and Reporting

Reducing these liabilities are further made possible by real-time money tracking and reporting capabilities through the software it uses.

With ICL, the configurable portal allows clients to access cash deposits immediately. The online portal makes it easy to track and manage cash flow. It also eliminates any cash reconciliation or deposit discrepancies. Business managers and owners can focus on running their stores without worrying about back-end reports.

Avoid Unexpected Coin Shortages and Trips to the Bank

With easy access to a cash counter and quick access to money once deposited through the smart safe, you are able to have accurate and up-to-date information about what cash is available on hand.

You can order coins with the press of a button, therefore avoiding any money shortages or time-consuming trips to the bank. You’ll feel a sense of relief as focus quickly returns to customer success and employee engagement because unexpected trips to the bank or 45 calls for armored truck services are no longer required.

Eliminate Risks of Provisional Credit

Provisional credit is temporary credit applied to your account when banks attempt to verify any changes made. However, smart safe systems like ICL’s cash capture technology eliminate any risks relating to provisional credit because deposited cash is immediately yours to spend. 

Since that cash is available to you right away, you no longer have to worry about spending the money you deposited until it clears at the bank. 

Consistent Cash Management Anytime, Anywhere

It can be simple to streamline your daily business procedures and create consistent and safe cash management.

The proprietary software of ICL allows for organized reporting and billing services, which are accessible at any time. ICL also offers a single point of contact so everything you need to manage that keeps operations running smoothly can be completed in one place all at once, without surprise charges or the hassle of multiple vendors.   

Have More Control to Keep Cash Safe and Secure with Integrated Cash Logistic’s Cash-Capture Technology 

Smart safes take the worry and time out of managing cash so business owners can focus on day-to-day operations. A cash management solution like Integrated Cash Logistics cash capture technology goes above and beyond so your cash is always safe and available to spend at any time.

With Integrated Cash Logistics many services, cash management is streamlined and you’ll be in the loop at every step of the process. ICL simplifies how your business controls cash. 

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