Cash Management

Calculating Restaurant Labor Costs and 11 Ways to Manage Them

Restaurant labor cost is often one of the highest costs of owning and operating a restaurant. While it’s imperative to pay your employees well, it’s also important for your bottom line to manage and calculate this cost. The restaurant labor cost that businesses should aim for is generally between 29-33% of overall [...]


Bank Charges For Cash Deposits and Other Common Fees to Avoid

Bank accounts charge their customers fees for a multitude of reasons. Business accounts often have more fees attached to them due to the volume of the account, but are there bank charges for cash deposits?  Account fees can add up quickly, so understanding what your bank may charge you for [...]


Why Are Convenience Stores Easy Targets For Robbery?

Convenience store robberies have increased in recent years, with research showing that these crimes account for 6% of all reported robberies. But just why are convenience stores easy targets for robbery? Increased robbery and crime rates mean that it’s imperative to prioritize convenience store security and safety. This article will highlight [...]


5 Benefits of Cash Management Automation For Your Business

For any business, managing cash flow is imperative for efficiency and success. But how does a business ensure that its cash management is effective? Employing cash management automation practices can drastically improve how your business operates. Learning how to optimize cash handling practices can ensure that any business meets its cash control [...]


7 Reasons Business Cash Management is Key to Business Growth

Are you looking to grow your business? Cash is the most important asset a business has, and effective business cash management is key to avoiding revenue loss, maximizing profits, and growing your company.  There are a lot of business cash management services and systems available for companies, but choosing the [...]


11 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use a Cash Management Service

Why Should Your Business Use a Cash Management Service? Simplifies Business Processes A cash management service takes away the burdens and responsibilities related to cash control and movement by outsourcing this important step. Productivity is increased, the workday runs more smoothly, and there is an opportunity to potentially reduce labor [...]

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