Cash Handling

Bank Charges For Cash Deposits and Other Common Fees to Avoid

Bank accounts charge their customers fees for a multitude of reasons. Business accounts often have more fees attached to them due to the volume of the account, but are there bank charges for cash deposits?  Account fees can add up quickly, so understanding what your bank may charge you for [...]


7 Fees to Expect With Other Cash Handling Services

Is cash a major pain point for your business? If you operate a retail or restaurant business, you’ve likely dealt with the complexities of cash handling: cash counts, cash logs, bank deposits, cash over short, and more. The risks of poor cash management can be detrimental to your business. Learn [...]


Cash Is Here To Stay

Cash is Here to Stay… Are You Prepared? Cardless payments, digital billing, and even cryptocurrency may be making headlines, but when it comes to buying goods and services, cash is here to stay. Cash remains one of the most popular ways to pay for meals, merchandise, entertainment, and more – [...]

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