Why Should Your Business Use a Cash Management Service?

  1. Simplifies Business Processes
    A cash management service takes away the burdens and responsibilities related to cash control and movement by outsourcing this important step. Productivity is increased, the workday runs more smoothly, and there is an opportunity to potentially reduce labor hours.
  2. Drop-off is Safe and Secure
    Cash deposits are placed into a safe on the business premises in preparation for pickup – instead of being transported in a bag or envelope by a staff member. This ensures security while the money is still onsite, and makes the process easier for cash-handling team members.
  3. Not Your Risk or Responsibility
    Cash is purchased from your company daily, eliminating your risk of theft or loss when the money is physically moved or damaged.
  4. No Concerns about Cutoff Times
    You no longer worry about pickup times or deadlines, or frequent time-consuming interactions with the bank, since your business’s cash is already in your company’s bank account.
  5. Bank with Whom You Want, Where You Want, and How You Want
    No bank operated provisional credit programs are used to deliver service, so your company is not limited when it comes to selecting a bank to work with. Your bank fees will be reduced and any bank fees normally associated with verification and posting of deposits will stop.
  6. Easy, No-Hassle Agreement
    There’s no need to manage armored carrier contracts, service levels or invoices from multiple vendors because the cash management service takes care of execution and problem resolution on your behalf.
  7. Safe Storage Equipment Provided
    A custom designed smart-safe and all necessary related equipment is provided at no upfront cost and includes safe maintenance and related communications. All you need to provide is a standard outlet to plug in the safe.
  8. Next-Day Reconcilement
    Reconcilement of deposits takes place efficiently – usually within 24 hours. This means no sacrifices or delays in your accounting.
  9. All-Risk Insurance Included
    While the process is extremely low-risk, insurance is provided for any remaining potential problems throughout the cash-handling process.
  10. Optimized Supply Chain Management
    A cash management service allows money within the supply chain to be rationalized to its most basic form. Store cash is converted into operational cash in a timely, efficient manner.
  11. Real-Time Information & Enhanced Web Reporting
    Cash-handling is tracked every step of the way. Safes transmit data to a secure server using a built-in cellular signal throughout the day, ensuring that every action is captured. This allows up-to-date information to be provided at any point in the process via the safe or an accessible web portal. Custom reporting is also available using the online portal. Clients are never in the dark and always in the loop if information is required.



Your Single Source, Integrated Solution

Integrated Cash Logistics’ all-inclusive cash management service provides all these benefits, and more. We’re in the business of providing a solution that removes the burdens of cash-handling on a daily basis so you can focus on running and growing your business.

With a comprehensive cash management solution, all aspects of cash-handling are covered: processing, reconcilement, movement, control, communication, credit and security. A professional cash management service is literally your shortest, safest distance to cash.

From the time customers pay to the moment the money reaches the bank, Integrated Cash Logistics has you covered. No more counting cash or expensive bank fees. You’ll have immediate access to your cash deposit so you can take care of payroll, pay vendors or fund new projects.

Simplify and streamline your cash payment deposits with Integrated Cash Logistics.